Our Team

Our team of talented, licensed massage therapists, combine traditional techniques (such as Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage) with advances in in targeted therapies (such as isolated stretching) to ensure the relaxation and rejuvenation of your dreams.


Meet The Team

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Rachel is the owner and visionary of Knead Therapeace.  She studied massage therapy at the Indiana Med Tech College of Indianapolis. Rachel has been practicing massage for over 15 years.  She is certified in Neuro Reset Therapy, Sports Stretching , Active Isolated Stretching, Strengthen, Deep Tissue, Thai Stretching, Warm Bamboo and more! She is experienced working with professional athletes and teams, keeping their bodies in top performing shape. 

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Ryan arrived at the world of massage therapy by a unique journey. For 27 years he was a minister, meeting the needs of others day in and day out until after a quarter century he found himself the one in need of rest and restoration. Encouraged by his oldest daughter, he went back to school at Indiana Wellness College to pursue a certification as a massage therapist. 

Ryan discovered that his passion to serve others was just as fulfilled in providing a therapy to them through the use of various massage techniques.  Not only was this a way to meet the needs of people, massage was also the perfect avenue to include Ryan’s lifelong commitment to fitness, both as an athlete and as a coach. Having played multiple sports in high school and college, participated in power-lifting, and completed three full marathons and a half Ironman, he is no stranger to soreness and sports injuries. His personal physical strength has allowed him to specialize in deep tissue massage as well as sports massage and stretching.  

Ryan’s education and experience is not just in ministry, it is in people and listening to them well. This has allowed him to be extremely attentive to the specific massage needs of his clients, including “listening” to their body to target needy areas.  “Always be teachable” is a favorite message he gives to the athletes he coaches, and Ryan intends to live by those words himself, seeking out training in new and more expanded methods to provide the best massage therapy he possibly can. He plans to continue focusing on those looking to massage for sports and other physical injury treatment as well as athletes of all ages, preferably doing so in an environment that focuses on the holistic wellness of a person. Body, mind, and spirit.    

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Justine has been a licensed massage therapist for nearly 12 years. In addition to studying psychology at The Ohio State University, completing her therapeutic bodywork program at Ivy Tech, she also has had many classes of exercise science & nutrition along with continuing education classes through American Massage Therapy Association.  She has worked along side chiropractor’s, physical therapists, occupational therapists, & acupuncturist for over 18 years. Her knowledge and expertise ranges from the basic movement of and function of the body, the skeletal structure, the musculoskeletal system, a deep understanding of the central nervous system, sports performance stretching through AIS, varieties of therapeutic bodywork modalities and techniques. 

Her clients range from individuals who are wanting a relaxing Swedish massage, to high athletes.

 Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, and Manual Lymph Drainage are  tools to help heal. Whether it's stress, surgery, illness, soreness/stiffness from working out, or simply maintenance, the benefits of massage, stretching, and MLD can be life changing. She would be honored to take that journey with you. You will reap the benefits of massage and Manual Lymph Drainage if it becomes a regular part of your life.  Her  goal is customize each session with clients whether they come in for massage, stretching, or MLD.  



Janeeta is a recent graduate from Indiana Wellness College.  Before pursuing massage, she received her license for Cosmetology in 2015.  She was encouraged by her family and friends to pursue a career in massage.  Janeeta knew her passion for making people feel and look good dint just stop at just hair.  Janeeta has experience in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology and plans to get certified in Sports Stretching in the near future.  Janeeta is excited to be apart of the Knead TheraPeace team!



Jordan is a recently licensed massage therapist and current combat sports athlete. After being encouraged by one of his athletic trainers, he enrolled in Indiana Wellness College and decided to pursue massage therapy. Competing in varsity high school, college sports, and now combat sports, Jordan has plenty of experience working with athletic trainers, massage therapists, and physical therapists. This has lead to a specialty in athletic massage, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy. Jordan plans on continuing his education in Active Isolated Stretching, Dry Cupping, and sports stretching. 

His clients range from individuals who are wanting a relaxing Swedish massage, to high level athletes.